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Re: download/install

Dne, 29. 03. 2011 07:34:47 je Petya napisal(a):
Dear Sirs,

I haven't found the answer to my problem on the Debian's page. I would like to get some information about the installation packages. As I saw, there are more *.iso files, and I would like to know, that is the first one enough to install the system and do the others contain different softwares for Debian?

I'm looking forward to your answer. Sincerely:

Peter Petyanszky

Budapest, Hungary

Dear Sir,

In answer to your question, yes, the first CD (or DVD) of a Debian set is enough for installing Debian. Additional CD's and DVD'd just contain the rest of the software that Debian provides, but said software can as well be downloaded via the Internet AFTER you install Debian. The only thing to watch out is the architecture of your computer: the *.i386 ISOs are used for 32-bit processors, and the AMD64 ones are used for 64-bit processors (both Intel and AMD, despite the naming).

Kind regards,

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