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Re: download/install

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 08:07:08AM +0200, Klistvud wrote:
> Dne, 29. 03. 2011 07:34:47 je Petya napisal(a):
> >Dear Sirs,
> >
> >I haven't found the answer to my problem on the Debian's page. I
> >would like to get some information about the installation
> >packages. As I saw, there are more *.iso files, and I would like
> >to know, that is the first one enough to install the system and do
> >the others contain different softwares for Debian?
> >
> >I'm looking forward to your answer. Sincerely:
> >
> >Peter Petyanszky
> >
> >29.03.2011.
> >Budapest, Hungary
> Dear Sir,
> In answer to your question, yes, the first CD (or DVD) of a Debian
> set is enough for installing Debian. Additional CD's and DVD'd just
> contain the rest of the software that Debian provides, but said
> software can as well be downloaded via the Internet AFTER you
> install Debian. The only thing to watch out is the architecture of
> your computer: the *.i386 ISOs are used for 32-bit processors, and
> the AMD64 ones are used for 64-bit processors (both Intel and AMD,
> despite the naming).

there are also single cd's available for separate Desktop environments.



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