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Re: debian 6 - latest release - internet connection

Johan Scheepers, 27.03.2011:
> On 03/26/2011 08:34 PM, Selim T. Erdogan wrote:
> >Johan Scheepers, 20.03.2011:
> >>After installing debian 6 it was found that it prefers built in wireless
> >>connection on my dsl.
> >>
> >>The wire connection was inserted and available.
> >>
> >>The wireless connection works ok at 55% but I would prefer wired 
> >>connection.
> >>
> >>Fedora, centos, mandriva prefers wired connection on installation.
> >>
> >>Could there be a reason for debian's behaviour.
> >When you say "inserted and available" do you mean just plugged in, or
> >actually working in Debian?  Could it be that the wired ethernet card
> >was not recognized and/or no driver was loaded?  Does the wired
> >interface work if you turn off the wireless manually?
> >
> >
> Good day,
> Was installing debian 6. Went through the fases answer the questions.
> It whent on and installed about 1200 files without asking the wireless 
> password.
> Now I think it must have used the wired connection.

That'a good sign.  If you didn't have to provide any information during 
installation, it would mean the setup was determined automatically.  Is 
the wired connection you're trying to use now the same one you were 
hooked up to during the installation?

> When I rebooted (first reboot after install) it was found that the 
> wireless connection was used.
> It will not auto configure eth0. I can not manually configure eth0.
> I can not answer required questions.

Can you write what specific commands or GUI selections you try and what 
responses (error messages) you see?  And what do you mean by the 
"required questions"?

> Point of interest. Fedora 14 and Mandriva 2010.2 was able to configure 
> and use
>  (1) Wired  (2) Wireless and (3) Mobile broad  on the same machine.
> They are all installed on separate external USB drives on same machine..
> Just switch cables to boot other distro.
> When debian 5.06 was used it connected to the wired connection.
> Did not upgrade (never upgrade) do fresh install always.
> Something must have changed.
> Thanks
> Johan

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