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Re: need help with adzapper

On 20110327_093735, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I'm running Squeeze. I've used adzapper in the long ago past, but I can't
> get in running with iceweasel now. My problem is really with iceweasel,
> I think. I recall that I have to configure my browser to 'point to' adzapper.
> This involves giving the IP address AND the port # for adzapper. I know
> the IP address, but I can't find any mention of the port number in the
> doc.s and don't know how to discover the correct value. 
> Also I think I should be able to configure a port number of my own chosing,
> but I can't find any config file documentation that describes how (or
> even the file name to use).

Sorry about duplicate posts, but I am also having problems with my config
of exim4 connection to my ISP smarthost. It has been working for many 
months, but something about how I transitioned to Squeeze/Wheezy bollixed
it up.

But seeing these two emails on the list gives me hope that I have whacked
that mole. Unfortunately, I think there may be half a dozen more emails
lurking wherever misconfigured exim4 sent them. Please be patient.

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