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Re: recover partition table

On Sat, 26 Mar 2011 06:37:44 -0400 (EDT), Geronimo wrote:
> recently I wiped out all but one partition tables by stupidness and hasty 
> reading ...
> Thanks to testdisk, most of the damage is already fixed.
> There are 2 drives, that testdisk could not find the partion informations for.
> Accidently I discovered "/var/log/installer/partman", which looks like being 
> from the time before my dumb Chuck-Norris-Roundhouse-Kick  ;)
> That logfile looks like having reasonable partition informations of all drives.
> Can anybody please shine me a light, how to patch the partition tables with 
> informations from that file, so it might be possible to gain access to data ...

I looked at my /var/log/installer/partman file, and it does indeed look as
though the exact sector information for the partitions is there.  I would suggest
using the "parted" command from the package of the same name.  It can allocate
partitions and report on them at the sector level.  For example,

   parted /dev/sda unit s print free
   parted /dev/sda unit s mkpart ...

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