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Re: iceweasel 4 on squeeze?

On 26/03/11 13:13, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 03/25/2011 06:19 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 26/03/11 08:40, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>> On 03/24/2011 08:41 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>>>> On 25/03/11 03:10, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>>> On 03/24/2011 10:21 AM, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
>>>>>> On 24/03/11 14:52, Ron Johnson wrote:
>>>>>>> Because of the radical changes in v4.0, I *strongly* urge that you
>>>>>>> install FF 4.0 to /usr/local/bin or ~/bin, since you or your wife
>>>>>>> might
>>>>>>> (as I do) dislike the way that v4 works.
>> I installed Firefox4 to ~/.firefox and Iceweasel4 to ~/.iceweasel4

correction: I installed Firefox4 *profiles* to ~/.firefox and Iceweasel4
to ~/.iceweasel4 (iceweasel3.x lives in ~/.mozilla)

> How did you install IW4 into your $HOME? 

ac_add_options --with-user-appdir
puts profile where ever you want it, you need to make a couple of other
changes to stop overwriting system default browser and messing up menu

> I don't think that dpkg has
> the ability to redirect output.

It does, and it's probably a better (proper) way of doing things
eg. chroot followed by dpkg --instdir (from memory).

Alternatively extract, hack, and repackage the .deb.
or just build statically linked

Properly applied dpkg --divert (?) will probably keep things from breaking

> Most probably.  A similar addon (Old Location Bar) makes FF3.x tolerable.

Do you mean it puts location bar above tabs?

>> My main motivation for moving to 4 was freedom from ffflash, and the
>> ability to build lighter netbooks.
> Eh?  YouTube isn't the be-all and end-all of video...

I don't think all YouTube videos are HTML5 yet, but it's the most common
reason users cite for needing ffflash. And ffflash is a pain to keep
updated. I can force apt-get on them, and easy as Iceweasel makes things
- I can't force (l)users to update extensions/plugins.

Yeah Gnash works, kind of... kudos to the guy's work too (another
Aussie!), but I still dislike ffflash - I can't think of any
justification for it.

Disclaimer: I use YouTube, saves bandwidth on sites, makes for another
backlink - but mostly it keeps clients happy (bless their pointy little

> The Workplace Shell was pretty amazing.  I loved Warp 3 on my 486DX33.

It's still good. I had some clients who own a string of service stations
- they still run OS/2 - for POS, training, and inventory. It just works,
and they sure are getting their money's worth for hardware and software
(though Pegasus routed through NZ is just strange).

Maybe one day IBM will open-source it (OS/2)


> A: Yes.
> >Q: Are you sure?
> >>A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
> >>>Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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