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Re: wmv locks entire system ever since upgrade to 6.0.1

On 22/03/11 14:07, Steven Sciame wrote:
> I was not able to play it in Totem.  I got the same result as trying to
> play it through iceweasel (mouse moves but everything is unresponsive,
> with the only way out being a hard power cycle) 
> This was fine before 6.0.1 
If the mouse moves, the system hasn't crashed - if you wait it will most
likely respond.  Running top in a terminal window could be instructive.

I'm assuming you checked dmesg and /var/log for relevant info....

Try launching Totem from the terminal, and posting any messages
generated when Totem tries to play the downloaded wmv.

Do you have any other video players installed? VLC? Kaffeine? Dragon?
Mplayer etc?

Also - please post the contents of your sources.list


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