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Re: Squeeze

On 2011-03-21 13:06:44 Fibber McGee wrote:
>Released before its time.. A most miserable upgrade.

Odd.  IIRC, the RC bug count was 0, so I'd say it was released right on time.  
Perhaps more people should have gotten involved in running (frozen) testing 
and filed more RC bugs.

I ran squeeze basically since the freeze, and moved to KDE SC 4 as soon as 4.2 
landed in Sid.  I didn't find any RC issues on my 2 systems or I would have 
filed bugs.

>KDE forgets settings and won't turn off without pulling the plug. Linux
>changed all the drives and the Wifi. Software has degraded. KDE acts/looks
>like MS-Windows 7 without the birds, flowers and ribbons; I get spaceships
>instead. Run Windows and wear a skirt, run KDE and wear little boy pants.
>And why is the Desktop in a window now? I grabbed them to copy to the real
>Desktop and for some reason the "snap to grid" was turned off and all the
>icons were in one spot, piled on top of each other. And, oh boy, we can
>delete the entire desktop with just a click. Wunderful.
>The scientific calculator has been replaced with a toy. Where is
>knewsticker? Its replacements are no joy either.
>For some reason, the various dropdown boxes here at Yahoo mail are all blank
>now. This editor is white on a dark gray background; it was black on white.
>What have you guys done?! I may never get this all sorted out.

Sounds like all your problems are the result of removing KDE 3 applications 
and shipping KDE SC 4 applications.  Please complain to upstream; they are the 
ones that decided to stop supporting KDE 3 and focus all efforts on KDE SC 4.  
Debian simply does not have enough KDE/Qt contributors to support something in 
that area without upstream.

You might also try using the unofficial Trinity packages for Squeeze, but keep 
in mind that they do NOT play well with with official KDE SC 4 packages.
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