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Released before its time.. A most miserable upgrade.

KDE forgets settings and won't turn off without pulling the plug. Linux changed all the drives and the Wifi. Software has degraded. KDE acts/looks like MS-Windows 7 without the birds, flowers and ribbons; I get spaceships instead. Run Windows and wear a skirt, run KDE and wear little boy pants. And why is the Desktop in a window now? I grabbed them to copy to the real Desktop and for some reason the "snap to grid" was turned off and all the icons were in one spot, piled on top of each other. And, oh boy, we can delete the entire desktop with just a click. Wunderful.

The scientific calculator has been replaced with a toy. Where is knewsticker? Its replacements are no joy either.

For some reason, the various dropdown boxes here at Yahoo mail are all blank now. This editor is white on a dark gray background; it was black on white. 

What have you guys done?! I may never get this all sorted out.

Debian user and minor contributor since 1995. I don't relish doing a downgrade back to Lenny, never could set preferences properly (1001) on the CDROM:/ lines, else I wouldn't be here complaining now....

Just wanted to share. :)


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