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Re: Security of the browsers


These is one of the reasons for what I want experiment with selinux in
my desktop machine:)


El dom, 13-03-2011 a las 19:30 -0400, Dan escribió:
> Hi,
> I have been using Ubuntu for a while for my desktop and I am planning
> to come back to Debian stable because there is now a two-year release
> cycle which is more reasonable.
> My worried is related with the security of the browser. The Ubuntu
> approach is to use the latest version of mozilla or the chromium
> project.
> The Debian approach is to freeze the version and apply themselves the
> patches. In my opinion this is worse because the mozilla/chromium
> project should know better the problems/security issues related with
> their browsers right?
> Can I consider these frozen versions secure enough.
> How secure is the chromium browser in Debian? It is an and old release the 6.
> Thanks,
> Dan

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