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Re: Selinux on a Squeeze Desktop

Hello Shawn

Thanks for Your answers,I installed selinux on a virtual machine, and ok
for first steps...but not with all apps that I have installed in my

The only doubts that I have now with selinux are:

System update with "aptitude safe-upgrade" and "aptitude full-upgrade"
did You give any problems?

About backups, the only tool for backups is "star", seems that are not
inclosed in squeeze, there is more similar  tools that supports extended
attributes inclosed in squeeze?

If I want uninstall and delete selinux on squeeze, after delete
packages, is possible delete extended selinux attributes in files?

If I mount an ext3/ext4 usb hard disk, MUST I relabel this too for
extended attributes? Or can run without relabel too?


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