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Re: new hard drive usb "WD My Passport essential SE" 1Tb

Le 15036ième jour après Epoch,
Kjetil brinchmann Halvorsen écrivait:

> I have a new usb hard drive of the specs in the subject line. On
> plugging it in it shows on the desktop,
> but on clicking it nothing happens. Anybody have experience getting
> this to work on debian
> (squeeze)?

I've exactly the same external HD, and it works like a charm on my
squeeze, and now with my wheezy, without installing other software.

One of my friend buy the same model, and it doesn't work with W$7, nor
with my Linux, even after "upgrading microcode unit" as described on the
troubleshooting section of WD website. One exchange later, it works

Maybe some have a build problem, or maybe it can be the power drain of
the unit?


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