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Re: new hard drive usb "WD My Passport essential SE" 1Tb

On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 03:27:50PM EST, Kjetil brinchmann Halvorsen wrote:

> I have a new usb hard drive of the specs in the subject line. On
> plugging it in it shows on the desktop, but on clicking it nothing
> happens. Anybody have experience getting this to work on debian
> (squeeze)?

I bought one of those - USB 3.0 - from amazon.com 11/22/10 and sent it
back the next day. 

Here's why:

1. It was randomly recognized when I plugged it into my router's USB
   port. Now you see it.. now you don't...
2. Same thing with the laptop running Microsoft Windows Vista..! Except
   that it was not random this time.. Vista saw it once and after that
   it disappeared.
3. It was never recognized by debian lenny.
4. I would have started researching & looked for an explanation and
   a possible fix but then I noticed that it was clucking at me every
   few seconds, like it wanted to be fed or something...
5. Amazon do have a decent return policy & I can only take so much
   aggravation these days. 

Hope you have better luck with yours.


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