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Re: Flash video stopped working

On Vi, 04 mar 11, 08:03:44, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I have just noticed that over the past couple of days flash video
> has stopped working.  Mainly noticed at youtube
> Video starts up OK, but then suddenly it jumps into a sort of two
> color mode - the video is vaguely there, but its all mostly one
> color (black) with occassional one other color (I have had purple,
> red etc) displaying some small recognisable part of the video.
> Once this has happened in the browser, stopping the entire browser
> fixes it.  It happens in both Chrome and Iceweasel.
> I tried dpkg-reconfigure flashplugin-nonfree which downloaded flash
> again, but it didn't make any difference.
> I don't see lots of comments on here - which presumably implies that
> I am the only one seeing the problem.  Any ideas what it could be.

Do you have gnash installed?

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