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Re: Please help


Welcome to debian.

2011-03-04 05:06, Ryan Collins skrev:
> I've installedDebian 6.0(squeeze) on my dell inspiron 6000. All I have
> to show for it is a shell. [...] I think I may have
> installed a server version [...] What
> can I do to get a desktop environment installed through my command line?

I will add something I have not yet seen in this thread.

The installer has several options, like webserver and desktop, and it seems that you would have wanted to install a desktop system, but somehow missed it. For this to work, I will assume that you have no problem downloading lots of data over the network.

If you log in a root and run the command

tasksel --new-install

by typing it at the command line, the dialog you should have seen during installation should now appear, and you can choose (with arrow keys and the space bar) the packages you need. I guess you want to select desktop, standard and laptop (if the computer is a laptop). After you click ok, the package management system should install several hundred to a thousand packages, and then exit.

If you then reboot by typing
shutdown -r now
at the command line, you should hopefully see the standard debian desktop installation start and you should get a graphical login screen.

Also, as a note about debian and new users: If debian does what you need, then I would recommend debian. If it does not, it may well be that some other distro has a simpler or even fully automatic solution for that problem. (I have never tried Mint.)

Hope it helps

/ johan

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