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Re: Please help

On Mar 4, 2011, at 12:26 AM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

> In <[🔎] 20110303230321.8e7ff15c.jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>, Jason Hsu wrote:
>> I may get hate-mail for saying this, but I don't recommend Debian as your
>> first distro.  Assuming you have enough RAM (at least 512 MB, preferably 1
>> GB or more), I recommend Linux Mint.  It's known for being user-friendly
>> and accomodating to Windows users.
> Wrong mailing list.  This list is for Debian users, not MS Windows users.
> Please don't give Microsoft the word "windows".  If you mean the MS Windows 
> operating system say "MS Windows".  If you mean the things used in a windowing 
> system (like X11) or those transparent things built into walls, use "windows", 
> or "Windows" is it is the first word of a sentence.

I wish it were true, but if it were, then Lindows wouldn't have run into trouble for infringing on the Windows trademark owned by Microsoft.

You and I may say this and it may be our opinion, but until it's made clear, legally, that it's not a trademark, it's only our opinion, and we all know there's a big difference between opinion and fact -- no matter how much we want our opinion to be true.

Now, if Apple and their app store proves Windows isn't a trademark, then you will be right.


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