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Re: Please help

In <[🔎] 20110303230321.8e7ff15c.jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>, Jason Hsu wrote:
>I may get hate-mail for saying this, but I don't recommend Debian as your
>first distro.  Assuming you have enough RAM (at least 512 MB, preferably 1
>GB or more), I recommend Linux Mint.  It's known for being user-friendly
>and accomodating to Windows users.

Wrong mailing list.  This list is for Debian users, not MS Windows users.

Please don't give Microsoft the word "windows".  If you mean the MS Windows 
operating system say "MS Windows".  If you mean the things used in a windowing 
system (like X11) or those transparent things built into walls, use "windows", 
or "Windows" is it is the first word of a sentence.
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