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Re: Please help


I *could* say, "Real Men use the CLI.  Long live bash!", but I won't.

When logged in as root, did you try:
# apt-get install gnome

If you did, then when you reboot you should have a GUI login screen. Until then, just type:
$ startx

(Ignore the # and $.  They are your prompt.)

On 03/03/2011 10:06 PM, Ryan Collins wrote:
Someone for the love of GOD, help me.
I've installedDebian 6.0(squeeze) on my dell inspiron 6000. All I
have to show for it is a shell. I've looked all over and read
countless entries on ways to load a gnome desktop, but nothing I try
works for me like it has others. Im brand spanking new to Linux, but
im beginning to at least understand how things need to be typed in
order to make the magic happen, but it hasn't happened for me yet. I
think I may have installed a server version, but there is a way
around that right? What can I do to get a desktop environment
installed through my command line?

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