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Re: Mounting and FTPing with SSH

on 13:59 Thu 03 Mar, Jason Hsu (jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com) wrote:
> Computer A is my firewall/server.  Computer B is my main computer.
> I can access Computer A from Computer B by using SSH in a manner
> similar to telnet.  What do I need to do to have FTP access to the
> files in Computer A?  How do I mount a partition on Computer A from
> Computer B?

In addition to Andrei's suggestions, 'mc' (as well as konqueror through
its virtual filesystem support, and whatever GNOME's file mangler is
these days provided the right deps are installed) offers virtual
filesystem access to remote hosts over ssh.  Utilize your existing
ssh-agent for transparent access.

I usually use lftp's "fish" protocol myself:

    lftp fish://remotehost

Interactive ftp-like client.  Very useful.  Supports multiple protocols,
including, oddly enough, ftp.

For truly transparent access, look to FUSE and sshfs:


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