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Re: Mounting and FTPing with SSH

Andrei Popescu put forth on 3/3/2011 2:03 PM:
> On Jo, 03 mar 11, 13:59:18, Jason Hsu wrote:
>> Computer A is my firewall/server.  Computer B is my main computer.
>> I can access Computer A from Computer B by using SSH in a manner 
>> similar to telnet.  What do I need to do to have FTP access to the 
>> files in Computer A?  How do I mount a partition on Computer A from 
>> Computer B?
> Look at sftp, and sshfs.

This sounds like a SOHO LAN setup to me, i.e. he wants to use the
firewall box as a file server as well.  Thus, I suggest samba or nfs
would be more appropriate to fulfill the OPs needs.  If he has any
Windows clients on his LAN samba would be preferred.


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