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Re: Debian 6 uninstallable?

On 02/03/11 16:41, Bret Busby wrote:
> Hello.
> To try to install Debian 6, I downloaded, as advised on the Debian web
> site, the Debian 6 netinst iso file, wrote it to a CD, and tried to
> install Debian 6, using it.
> However, the computer on which I tried to install it, did not boot from
> the CD.
> I have previously installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, from a CD, on that
> computer, without any problem.
> Is the Debian 6 netinst iso, not installabe, or, not bootable?
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> Bret Busby
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> West Australia
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let me revise that last post:-

I installed on 4 machines using the previous netinst iso but install
line was just "expert acpi=force", desktop package selections came
later, those boxen required the "acpi=force" as they're fairly old, you
probably won't.

You don't say *which* netinst - I'm using "just" i386

You don't mention any error messages so I assume you didn't get any
(other than OS not found sort).

No problems using same image to upgrade a lenny boxen either. I've had
problems in the past with netinst iso cds on some drives - the tiny
image really tests the accuracy of the laser tracking, the same drives
that balks at booting a netinst will often have no problems with a dvd

If the md5 sum checks out then that (sic) will be the cause of your
problem. (more error tolerance on outer track and disk spins slower)
I use a pxe server for my installs but that shouldn't affect whether a
burnt netinst iso boots for you or not.

Just now finished downloading freshly baked netsint iso, so latest
mirror updates are now complete.


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