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Re: A Debian -offtopic mailing list: to be or not to be

On 02/03/11 11:59, Chris Jones wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 04:10:01AM EST, Andrei Popescu wrote:
>> On Lu, 28 feb 11, 22:47:17, Chris Jones wrote:
>>> So what do I do..? recommend we continue our heated discussion on
>>> the OT mailing list..? too bad.. she's not subscribed to D-OT .. and
>>> given the circumstances and our disagreement.. no way she's going to
>>> go through all the trouble of subscribing..
>> That shouldn't be a problem, the list is setup as close as possible[1]
>> to debian-user: posting open, no reply-to munging, etc. so all you
>> would need to do to move a discussion is reply-to-all and replace d-u
>> with d-OT.
> Well, I did just that about two hours ago.. hit ‘g’ reply-to-group,
> which is the closest to reply-all I could find.. and changed d-u to
> d-ot.. and all I got was something in my inbox to the effect that my
> message was undeliverable.. So depending on your mailer, I'm skeptical
> things are that simple.
> In any case.. even if the above had worked.. it would only have posted
> my particular post to d-OT.. what about the previous OT messages that
> were initially posted to D-U and would be essential :-) to anyone
> catching up understanding what I am talking about..? And how does it
> guarantee that whoever takes a fancy to the OT thread while reading
> debian-user would post to debian-OT.. rather than follow the simplest
> course of action and post to debian-user..?
> cj
</cloak>(sigh) Which I guess means we'll have to rely upon the good
nature and judgement of others to preface their subject lines with [OT]
when they want to chat about "my favourite desktop distro" and "yet
another survey". At least then I/we can use filters to move those posts
(and any containing the word Ubuntu) to another mail folder.

I know - those poster do use debian, or kind-of, but at least that
would/will allow those that subscribe to read about the use of debian
more signal-noise.

It also makes searching personal archives of debian-user for answers
more relevant.


Don't confuse lack of enthusiasm for an OT list for enthusiastic support
of OT posts

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