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Re: Debian 6 64-bit and Openbox: Opinions, Suggestions, Pitfalls.

Javier Vasquez writes:
> ...fvwm2...

Fvwm2 is now just fvwm.  The old fvwm is now packaged as fvwm1.

 Package: fvwm
 Description: F(?) Virtual Window Manager
 FVWM is a powerful ICCCM2 compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager
 for the X Window System. FVWM requires relatively little memory.
 This 2.5 version includes new features like full support of the EWMH
 (Extended Window Manager Hints) specification, internationalization,
 improved window decoration code (no flickering anymore),
 bi-directional asian text support, FreeType font support
 (antialiasing), image rendering, Perl based module library, support
 for PNG images, side titles and much more.
 Homepage: http://www.fvwm.org/

John Hasler

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