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Re: testing/unstable(sid) in sources.lst ok? (was Re: Problemsinstalling VLC [SOLVED])

Just be sure to comment the unstable repos from your sources list after the fact

AFAIR, if you are running testing it is recommended to have testing AND
unstable repositories listed in your sources.lst.


 To flush the repository system, do it now so you don't forget and do an upgrade by accident...

To where would you be upgrading?


In this case the user was not running sid by default, they enabled sid repository to install a single application. If the user then leaves sid repositories in their sources.list and then runs

# apt-get upgrade

I would give it a 99.9% chance that system is toast, especially because the very maneuver of taking a stable or testing system and going straight to all unstable sources bypasses the standard upgrade procedure of upgrading to current stable or testing, changing sources to new distro, and dist-upgrading to new branch, finally running upgrade under new branch

Also I have never heard of running testing and sid in sources being SOP for a testing system, if anything the system would be Sid because apt will choose the latest version, but even then it isn't pure sid and I would estimate such a setup to be more prone to errors.. 

Just my viewpoint;


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