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Re: Debian Wiki participation..?

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> On Sun, 27 Feb 2011 12:26:57 +0100, Simon Hollenbach wrote:
> (please, avoid using html)
Sorry about that, i took the time to dig in modest, my mail client, to find that option. I prefer it as well, so thanks... 
> That is something up to wiki maintainers/admins, so you should contact 
> and discuss the right status for that page with them.
Have you got a proposed way how to accomplish that most easily? I think the bug report should be sufficient, I hereby ask the OP to post the link when a bug was opened...
> People, that is what a Wiki is: freely editable by anyone with an
> account.
Sure. But thats why I think a wiki is not the best place to post a privacy statement and such.
> If you want to improve those things, try by contacting the wiki admins.
I hesitate on doing that now as I suppose the wiki-admins got more important stuff to do. If someone would confirm that this wouldn't be 'annoying', I will write to them.

Hope I got the mail format right this time, if not, tell me.


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