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Re: Things I Don't Understand About Debian

on 16:24 Wed 23 Feb, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. (bss@iguanasuicide.net) wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 February 2011 15:11:25 Carlos Mennens wrote:

> > 3. Debian installer defaults to creating user group names which is just a
> > mess.
> Actually, I prefer user group names.  I'm not sure I have a really strong 
> argument for them.  What facts support your assertion that they are "just a 
> mess".

The most compelling argument I could think of would be that NFS *still*
only allows a maximum of (IIRC) 16 groups IDs to be associated with a
given user.

I said "most compelling".  I didn't say compelling.  IMO this is a
severe deficiency of NFS (of which it's not particularly lacking

Debian's extensive use of groups (which otherwise gives a very useful
level of granularity to group permissions) means that you may need to
juggle group order when attaching to an NFS domain.  Put your principle
NFS user group, and any important groups, at the head of the list.
Groups used only in a Debian local system context (e.g.: dip, dialout,
disks, etc.) can probably be safely dropped.

The remainder of Señor Mennens's comments are all either set by default,
or configurable at install tiem (e.g.: world-readable home directories).
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