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Re: Configuring QLogic QLA4010c on Debian on Sparc

RR put forth on 2/16/2011 1:14 PM:

> All through this though I'm assuming that since the kernel modules seem to
> be loaded already and if I'm planning to configure the HBAs via config files
> I don't need the driver that is available from Qlogic for the Redhat and
> Suse packages as I don't have to worry about accessing those adapters to
> configure them?

Now you're starting to understand.  Everything you need to make that HBA work is
already part of the kernel/module driver system.  You simply need to find
instructions/information allowing you to manually program the HBA using scripts
or conf files.  And you'll need the exact/correct iSCSI target path name of the
LUN you want to mount.  This is the part where the Qlogic GUI tool comes in
really handy--target discovery.

Regarding getting into the HBA BIOS from that SUN box, it will definitely be a
PITA compared to an x86 box if you're not familiar with the process, and
especially over an IP KVM 10,000 miles away.

Hit the Debian SPARC mailing list, Debian Enterprise, Linux iSCSI, etc.  You
can't be the first and only person to try this.  Someone out there knows how to
do this.  Hope you can find him or that he documented it.

If you need that box up and running now, ditch Debian and go back to Solaris.


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