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Re: New policies?

Am Montag, 14. Februar 2011 schrieb der.hans:
Hi Hans, 
> Does backports provide the updates you want to see?
> http://backports.debian.org/

No, there are not older packages needed, but NEWER packages from testing 
should be transferred to stable! As I wrote in my example: Pidgin and kopete 
were complete useless for users of stable (almost more than a year!!!), 
because the new version for the new protocol could not be changed in stable. 
It was no security problem! And the code was ok, too, of course.  But things 
like THAT makes stable after some time useless. 

> Automagic merging is difficult. Trying to guess what I meant with my local
> config changes would likely drive someone mad :). Well, unless they read
> my documentation and changelogs. You do document local config changes,
> don't you? :)

Of course it is difficult. If this is wanted, maybe a brand new way must be 
found, to merge ASCII-files. At the moment I do not know any. As there are 
tools, which merge files, they cannot discover double entries. Maybe every line 
in the file must begin (or end) with a significant string (or hash maybe), that 
may work. But it is crystal clear: At the moment it is not possible.  
> ciao,
> der.hans



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