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Re: Show why package is being installed or show which installed package depends on it.

In <AANLkTi=829PTfbMS2pj=GE=n7v5EBYyK_G2qsXX5dhzw@mail.gmail.com>, James 
Robertson wrote:
>> aptitude why $package-name
>> OR
>> aptitude why $search-term-for-root-pkgs $package-name
>> aptitude why $package-name == aptitude why '~i' $package-name
>Thanks, is there an equivalent of this using apt.  I can of course use
>aptitude but I am curious about apt since I use that.

AFAIK, no.  Aptitude does need some TLC; I believe Mr. Burrows has been away 
for a while.  That said, I still prefer it for the vast majority of 
interactive package management tasks, for the features it brings.
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