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Re: Installation on SSD

If I compile the kernel myself, should I set any options in .config file?

2011/2/9 Allan Wind <allan_wind@lifeintegrity.com>
On 2011-02-09T09:31:51, Brandon Ros wrote:
> I have already done many web searches and readings of wiki pages and articles. I seem to have amassed conflicting information.
> What is the bottom line with:
> mount options (TRIM, noatime)

All I did was ensuring that I was on a recent enough kernel for
TRIM support (2.6.33 and I think Debian added it to 2.6.32-12),
and added noatime and nodiratime in /etc/fstab for mount options.

> block alignment

I did not not do anything special.

> file system (which one? journaling? Journal metadata only or metadata and data?)

ext4 for consistency with other machines.

> swap

I have 4 GB of memory in my laptop and do not currently have swap
configured, but if I were to enable swap it would be via a file
instead of a partition.

> partitioning (GPT, MBR, BIOS?)

It should not matter.

> scheduler (no-op, deadline, CFQ)

I have not looked into this.

Allan Wind
Life Integrity, LLC

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