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Pump, dhchp, dns and dnsmasq


Some questions around pump, dhchp, dns and dnsmasq, 

- Some dhcp server *requires* that hostnames be sent. I've found
  document on how to send hostnames with other dhchp clients
  except pump. Now, how can I configure pump to send hostnames
  when making dhchp requests?

- The dnsmasq can be used as both dhchp and dns server. This is
  ideal for a home network. My question is, my router is
  currently acting as both dhchp and dns server for the moment,
  if I dedicate a box for dnsmasq as both dhchp and dns server,
  how would clients on my local network know which server to use?

- When using dnsmasq with pump, the official document says,
  'Using dnsmasq with pump -- Remove "nodns" in pump.conf to let
  pump update/overwrite /etc/resolv.conf'

  But I don't know how it is possible -- the /etc/resolv.conf
  file updated by pump has only one entry for nameserver, my
  current router. How can dns requests go to dnsmasq then?

  cat /etc/resolv.conf
  # Generated by pump for interface eth0
  search mydomain

- When I said the dnsmasq is ideal for a home network, I meant
  that I hope to be able to give a fixed dhcp lease to a client
  that sends a particular name -- that way I just have to
  maintain dnsmasq.conf file on the gateway box for local dhchp
  and dns, and I don't have to fiddle around finding and
  recording and entering the MAC addresses for each network card
  on each machine, and fiddle with the router web interface. Have
  you done something similar? What are the steps? I got the idea
  from this clause in the original dnsmasq.conf file:

  # Enable the address given for "judge" in /etc/hosts
  # to be given to a machine presenting the name "judge" when
  # it asks for a DHCP lease.


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