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Re: tool for internet connection test

Hi Lubos,

Lubos Rendek wrote:
I'm on ADSL2. I had constant speed for years and it was always around
6 - 8 Mbps. Suddenly it dropped to 0.3 - 4 Mbps but on average I have
0.9. As you also mentioned I too believe that the weather is to be


My Telstra land line had such a nose that I could not make a phone
call. Telstra technician came and said that there is nothing wrong
with it and they charged me $105 incorrect call out fees :-) TPG ( my
current internet provider ) confirmed weak signal but when the
technician came he allegedly did not find any problem. Of course he
did not find anything wrong he was on my premises for 10 minutes and
at that time everything was fine.

In my experience, it is extremely rare for a Telstra tech to admit a fault. However, I've seen problems "disappear" after their visits for some customers .... so they found a fault alright, they just wouldn't admit to it.

Incorrect call out fee is a bit harsh, but it is a Telstra charge and any ISP just passes this on (typically, if not always).

1 months ago I tried to ping their IP I think it was web server and I
got around 20% packet loss. I'll try again your suggestions.

Good Luck.


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