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Re: How to use mount.crypt remount

On Thu, 03 Feb 2011 17:42:18 +0100, Jochen Schulz wrote:

>> I can't figure out how to use the remount option of mount.crypt from
>> its man page. . . 
> Use a comma to separate mount options, just like in the /etc/fstab:
> mount -o remount,ro …

Thanks. Now I'm one step further, but bumped into another problem:

 mount: you must specify the filesystem type
 remount /dev/sdb15 failed with run_sync status 32

I've tried the following but they both failed:

 mount.crypt -v -o 'remount,ro -t ext2' . . . 
 mount.crypt -v -o 'remount,ro -t crypt' . . . 


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