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Re: help

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 17:43:59 +0000, Lisi wrote:

> On Wednesday 02 February 2011 17:15:13 Camaleón wrote:
>> I don't think the main point of this thread is about "newbie"
>> definition. I've only pointed out that:
> It was in origin - which is what I was sticking to.  So what we were
> failing to meet on was what the thread was about!

But I din't reply to anything about that. I started participating in this 
thread by replying to Chris, mainly for explaining the "expert" install 
and what that option was for.

> A self avowed newbie (and the assertion appeared credible!) had asked
> for help - he was the OP of this thread - and been given advice to use
> an application which a newbie wouldn't have (since it is not in the
> default install) to install a package that doesn't exist, since he had
> said that he uses Lenny, and it isn't in Lenny.
> That is where I have been coming from throughout.  A newbie who was
> given what, for him, was totally inappropriate advice.

Threads like this tend to fork into many small "sub-threads", where 
people starts talking on other things maybe not straight-related to the 
first OP message, that's normal. And that was my case. If I would have 
wanted to reply on that, I had replied to the OP directly :-)

> I have no difficulty at all in agreeing with you about the capabilities
> of Debian!!  Just that they are inappropriate for this particular OP.
> So I hope we have reached agreement??  I am now clear that all we were
> disagreeing over was the OP and therefore the purpose of the thread. :-)
> Pax??

Okay, but don't get used to it X-)



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