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Re: help

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 14:27:34 +0000, Lisi wrote:

> On Wednesday 02 February 2011 14:15:13 Camaleón wrote:
>> should be
>> avoid replying here all KDE-related topics? ;-)
> Yes, if a newbie is talking about GNOME,  we should ceratinly avoid
> muddying the water by bringing KDE into the discussion.

- KDE is not the default
- sudo is not the default
- KDE is like sudo (in this scope)

So, if a user using KDE asks anything related to KDE, should we stop 
replying just because is not using a default setting? No, of course. The 
same goes with sudo.

I hope all is clear now :-)

> PS As I have said to Chris, I think that your problem understanding what
> we are saying may be semantic.

I don't think so, it's just I have another POV.



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