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Re: which DVD to download?

On Tue 01 Feb 2011 at 14:16:24 -0600, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:

> I question this advice.  Last I checked, the netinst installer pulled 
> all packages from the network and basically just contains d-i and 
> configuration files.

Are you confusing netinsi.iso with the netboot mini.iso, which does get
the base system from the network?
> It may contain enough .debs to prepare a very minimal system, but it 
> certainly won't have X11 or any other nice-to-have packages.

It doesn't. But it does have what Zachary Uram wants. (Unless, of course, he
regards X as being basic part to the install).
> I only recommend the netinst to users that are likely to have Internet 
> while d-i is running.  That's most users now since many types of 
> connections are supported from within d-i.  But, the OP specifically 
> mentioned that they would likely not have Internet during the d-i run.

The netinst iso doesn't require a net connection to get Debian up and

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