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Re: which is at fault? iceweasel or drupal?

In <[🔎] 20110130220014.GA2763@rlharris.org>, Russell L. Harris wrote:
>Occasionally while browsing with iceweasel, the machine slows to a
>crawl and the processor usage (as displayed by system monitor) stays
>at 100 percent.  Almost always, this happens when browsing a web site
>which uses drupal as its engine.

Drupal shouldn't be a specific culprit.  There's enough layers between 
Iceweasel and Drupal so make their interaction minimal.

Still, Iceweasel could be bogging down on the amount of ECMAScript, any 
embedded objects (like Flash video), or just a hugely complex HTML 
structure.  It's even theoretically possible that Drupal is bogging down and 
some AJAX running in Iceweasel is choosing/having to wait on slow requests.

If the Drupal site is yours, you might view the source and see if you and 
simplify it.  If not, probably just have to deal with it or use a different 
or newer browser.
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