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Re: Realtek 8185 chipset problem

On 01/28/2011 01:48 PM, Wayne Topa wrote:


Instead you have to configure the /etc/wicd/*.conf files
manager-settings.conf wired-settings.conf wireless-settings.conf
they each have a man page.

I have not had to do this directly before. Usually wicd shows me the
available SSIDs and then I can do the configuration from the GUI.

I had to play with those for a day before I could get my interface to work.

Ok.  I'll try some more here.

I have the feeling that something is broken at a lower level.

I will try adding the ESSID to wireless-settings.conf

What does
lsmod |grep 8185   return??


lsmod |grep 8180 shows modules rtl8180, mac80211, eeprom_93cx6, and cfg80211 loaded.



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