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Re: Realtek 8185 chipset problem

Dne, 28. 01. 2011 19:46:46 je Paul Scott napisal(a):

I have a Trendnet TEW-421PC which has a Realtek 8185 chipset. Installing the driver with ndiswrapper seemed to work fine.

ifup wlan0 fails to get a connection.

syslog just echoes the failure to get a working lease.

TIA for any ideas,

Paul Scott

The way wireless is configured in Debian, ifup won't get you anywhere by itself -- unless you edit your /etc/network/interfaces accordingly. You have to tinker with iwlist, iwconfig (and ESSID) to make it work. It's perhaps wiser to use a desktop environment and network-manager which should manage connections automatically (well, at least it should display the available wireless networks for you, so you can at least see that your wireless card is working).


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