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Re: Why is Evolution and Epiphany now a part of gnome-core?

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 12:26:17PM -0500, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> This is an example of why I've been moving away from FOSS.  Someone makes
> a good point in a bug report and the programmer/developer/maintainer
> throws it back in his face, which allows the bug to be closed out quickly.
> I think it's a legitimate concern and just because one person pointed it
> out does not mean it only effects one person.

It's ridiculous, and as you write unfortunately typical.  I recall getting
similar "Sorry, I don't care" stuff from developers as far back as when
StarOffice was first freed.

What to do?  Well, in my case, I switch to different FOSS.  So ... I guess I
move to something other than Debian.  Oh well.
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