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Re: [SOLVED] Is squeeze compatible with WD20EARS and other 2TB drives?

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. put forth on 1/16/2011 1:36 PM:
> In <[🔎] 4D334574.3080601@hardwarefreak.com>, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
>> Me stating that these drives suck with Linux (fact)
> The way you are using "suck" there is fairly subjective, so I'd be cautious is 
> claiming your statement was fact.
> The fact is that these drive require more effort (research, special tools, 
> manual alignment, whatever) on the part of each user in order to get 
> performance of cheaper, earlier generation drives.
> That fact is enough for me to form the opinion that these drive suck with 
> Linux and feel justified in said opinion.

Since it's not the advanced format drives at fault, but Linux, I guess I should
reverse the two and say from now on:

"Linux sucks with these drives."

Specifically regarding the WD20EARS drives, however, they suck all around.  I've
already given the myriad reasons why in previous posts.  It's the only advanced
format drive I've seen constant complaints about on multiple mailing lists.  An
OP at UC Santa Cruz had 4 of these suckers in his D2D backup server
simultaneously die on him just when he needed them most:  to do a restore on a
60TB production array that suffered partial catastrophic failure.

I've never personally touched a WD advanced format drive, Green line, etc.  I've
seen too much disappointment and frustration from others to get near one.  I'm a
happy owner of some Blue series drives, and I'm not seeing negative reports on
the Black drives.


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