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Re: Installation Report, failure to install correctly. How do I identify the Package under which I file my report?

On Mi, 05 ian 11, 01:28:04, Simon Hollenbach wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> I assume u clicked ur way through debian.org looking for a CD-Image to download, so I think ur using Debian 'stable' codename Lenny. You have come to us at the time of harvest :) The new Debian, now 'testing', codename Squeeze is nearly finished, I recommend u download a testing installer and try from there as you will probably want to update to the latest version in a month or so if u dont.
> Here's the package you should file a bug against:
> http://packages.debian.org/lenny/debian-installer

From your link:
"This package currently only contains some documentation for the Debian 
installer. We welcome suggestions about what else to put in it."

You probably meant this:

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