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Installation Report, failure to install correctly. How do I identify the Package under which I file my report?

Hello to you,
I have just had my first experience with Debian, an unfortunate one since it has not installed correctly. The installation appears to proceed correctly right up to the point where I attempt to enter my Username into the box on the Debian "Welcome" screen. At that point the computer system freezes and the only exit is a hard reset and reboot. I have written a report and enclosed screen shots showing the successive monitor screens as the system boots and as Debian loads. However, my report to be sent to reportbug needs me to obey several format rules, one of which is to identify the package at fault. After exploring the Debian website it appears that in order to report a failure to install, I have to have an installed copy of Debian in order to discover what package I need to report and to format my report "correctly"! Any help available would be most gratefully received.
Thank you

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