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Limited or no video playback with mkv containing H.264


I am about to kill my computer...

I have an older AMD Atholon64 3200 With 2GB RAM and an EVGA Geforce 6600 Graphics card (128 mb Graphics Memory)

I am running Testing with current Kernel 2.6.32-5-686

I have some .mkv video files containing H.264 in VLC I get Audio and Solid green screen (black screen when I set driver to GLX Video Output XCB)

If I load the same files in Xine I get half video with bottom half solid green.

I have "upgraded" from default drivers to Nvidia's system, and best I can tell I am using that driver, not sure how to verify for sure, it's referenced in lsmod and xorg.config

I have played with and run every MKV / H.264 codec I can find. 

I am not really familiar with advanced graphics and xorg configuration so not sure if I am just missing something.

Thanks for your time;

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