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Got recursion not available from...

I'm using a Lenny system to host Postfix and Windows 2003 for name resolution. More frequently than I probably should, I will see NOQUEUE in /var/log/mail.log related to DNS lookups. I've not yet narrowed it down to forward lookups, reverse lookups or both.

I originally suspected the Windows box but I can reproduce these failures on other systems from the nslookup command line tool and without using Windows 2003 for name resolution. Also on systems without Postfix. So I started Googling and find hits like this one:


My command line errors look the same as reported at that URL.

nslookup X.X.X.X
;; Got recursion not available from x.x.x.x, trying next server
;; Got recursion not available from x.x.x.x, trying next server
Server:         x.x.x.x
Address:        x.x.x.x#53

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Cant find X.X.X.X: No answer

Usually for me, querying a single IP will fail the first time, then subsequent lookups against the same data will succeed. The only way I've been able to reproduce it in succession was if an IP address lookup fails (say I can query, .80, .81 to see the recursion not available message.

At this point I'm not sure if it's a problem with NSLOOKUP, or whatever DNS library Lenny is using, or my environment specifically so.... Has anyone run across this problem and defeated it?

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