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Re: Got recursion not available from...

On Wed, 05 Jan 2011 12:11:50 -0500, vr wrote:

> I'm using a Lenny system to host Postfix and Windows 2003 for name
> resolution. More frequently than I probably should, I will see NOQUEUE
> in /var/log/mail.log related to DNS lookups. 

Those Postfix logs should be very useful. Can you post them?

> I've not yet narrowed it down to forward lookups, reverse lookups or
> both.
> I originally suspected the Windows box but I can reproduce these
> failures on other systems from the nslookup command line tool and
> without using Windows 2003 for name resolution. 


Wait... what kind of tests did you run and what are the results?

"Recursion" is a DNS server capability so you have to check your DNS 
servers and while making any test against them, ensure you are always 
quering the same DNS server.

Tools like "dig @ip_of_name_server_to_use" (in linux) and "nslookup -
debug hostname domain" (in windows) can help a lot. Both tools, by 
default, will request recursion to the server so if that option is not 
available, you'll get a warning.



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