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Re: Sound recording in Debian Lenny

On Wed, 2011-01-05 at 15:44 +0000, Lisi wrote:
> I am after something from never-never land, but I live in hopes.
> I need a sound recorder, and would prefer that it be in Debian Lenny,
> but a dual-boot would be possible.  It must fulfil the following
> criteria:

Interesting requirements to say the least.

> I have searched online both in the list of Debian packages and via
> Google, and have used aptitude search and, for luck, aptitude show.
> Krec, Audacity etc. are non-starters because they assume that you
> would know how to use at least a simple mixer.  I don't.  I simply
> couldn't work out how to work them, partly because I did not even know
> the vocabulary.

If you can install Debian you can use a mixer.  Have you visited this


Unfortunately I don't know too many recording apps off the top of my
head that meet your criteria.  I was going to suggest Audacity.  For
basic audio recording that does the job.  It certainly isn't a
full-featured DAW like Ardour, Cubase, or Pro-Tools....not that your
husband needs those anyway.

> Debian Lenny is what my husband has currently on his computer.  He
> doesn't like change.  He is using KDE 3.  I am about to set up Squeeze
> with Trinity to see whether I think that it has come of age.  But
> meanwhile, Lenny it has to be.
This shouldn't be a problem.
Petrus Validus
If there isn't a way, I'll make one.

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