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Re: Sound recording in Debian Lenny

On 01/05/2011 04:44 PM, Lisi wrote:
I am after something from never-never land, but I live in hopes.

I need a sound recorder, and would prefer that it be in Debian Lenny, but a
dual-boot would be possible.  It must fulfil the following criteria:

1) Be managed by someone who knows a little bit about Linux, less about Debian
and absolutely zilch about sound recording and balancing etc.

2) Ideally, usable by someone who knows even less about computers and sound
recording, but can use this package without too active a helping hand.

Last time my husband needed to record a book, I Installed Jaunty on a computer
that I had to dedicate to it, used gnome-sound-recorder and held his hand

I have searched online both in the list of Debian packages and via Google, and
have used aptitude search and, for luck, aptitude show.  Krec, Audacity etc.
are non-starters because they assume that you would know how to use at least
a simple mixer.  I don't.  I simply couldn't work out how to work them,
partly because I did not even know the vocabulary.

Debian Lenny is what my husband has currently on his computer.  He doesn't
like change.  He is using KDE 3.  I am about to set up Squeeze with Trinity
to see whether I think that it has come of age.  But meanwhile, Lenny it has
to be.

Thanks for any input.

what do you think about Audacity?
Nice big buttons just like on tape-recorders.

And if there is a need for sound editing like cutting, up/down volume, exporting in various formats it is very easy.

Goran Dobosevic
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