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Re: Can Debian Backup ntfs File System?

On Wednesday 05 January 2011 12:03:59 Camaleón wrote:
> At least you should have learned one lesson: _never trust_ what your
> users say and tell them to _prove_ their wording with facts (that is, by
> checking with her that the data was properly backed up and can be
> restored from the aforementioned "unexistent" copy) >;-)

I did look at the pen drive to make sure that the copies were there and 
retrievable.  But I didn't know enough about her data to know that the most 
recent 'photos were missing.  It is not certain that they could have been 
rescued at that point even if I had known!

If it weren't for the fact that she is going around telling very hurtful 
untruths about me, I would be the gainer.  She was hard work, demanding and 
not very profitable!

But sometimes they _know_ that they haven't got copies, but are unwilling to 
have them.  It means buying something to put them on.....


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