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Re: Problems installing on Dell R310

2011/1/5 mat brown <vice.captain@gmail.com>:
>> try to install withhttp://kmuto.jp/debian/d-i/(unofficial debian installer)
> I did consider that, but seeing as I've installed both Lenny and
> Squeeze (not to mention Ubuntu LTS) OK, I'm not sure that it will
> help:  it's not actually installing that's the problem.  It's booting
> the system after install, and the d-i images - to the best of my
> knowledge - use the same version of grub as Lenny official does.  Plus
> I'd rather so my software RAID in Squeeze if at all possible.
> I will, of course, try - when I can get a CD burnt down at the
> datacentre.  Thanks very much for the suggestion.

I had similar problems with R410. I think problem lies in way DRAC
card is recognized at boot and it's virtual drives.

Of course you can unplug the drac.. eh :)


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